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Convicted felon Jimmy gets early parole after serving twelve years for armed robbery. Upon his release, he vows to give Annie, his childhood love, now dying from cancer, the best last year of her life - unfortunately it's not that simple.

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Really good movie released in 2021 year. There are films for which it is worth being a cinema maniac, for those who have not yet had the opportunity to watch, I put South of Heaven to watch online for free, because I rarely go on television. The whole movie flew in the blink of an eye of really big fun. In addition, we also have great music. Even for such aesthetic experience, a movie is worth watching. I loved the characters, all of them, even the antagonists were unforgettable. I uploaded it here.

Directors: Aharon Keshales
Countries: United States
Release: 2021
Duration: 120 min
IMDb Rating: 6.5
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